Weekly Tarot Forecast ~ Dec 17 thru 23

Hermit (reversed)
VIII of Swords

Sunday & Monday is the Hermit. He’s the number 9 in the Major Arcana cards. 9 = attainment, nearing completion, fulfilment.

He has the sign for Virgo in one corner, the sign of careful, deliberate thought & action. In this deck, the Hermit’s lantern is a wand topped with a jewel, representing the radiant power of the conscious mind. The Hermit is a wise, mature teacher & guide. He uses his wand to show you the way out of the dark.

Reversed, thoughts & feelings could be mixed up & internalized. So rather than isolating to meditate on your actions, thoughts & feelings, you or someone you know could be withdrawing to escape. This could be physically, mentally, or both.

Or, you might be refusing to learn a lesson. Repeating the same mistake over and over. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Maybe you’ve been living in self-imposed isolation from everyone? You’ve been alone too long and need to return to the real world. Get out amongst the living!

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 18th spurs the energy for travel of any sort. Start making your plans! This is also a day for telling the truth, so come clean. You’ll be glad you did.

*We may also see some interesting revelations this day or the three days that follow in the public sphere. Pay attention to what’s happening in politics closely. Things may be getting interesting.

Tuesday is the Emperor. Number 4 in the Major Arcana.  Structure, stability, manifestation. He has the Aries symbol in the corner, symbolizing the pioneers of the zodiac & their courageous journey into the unknown. Aries is like the Pied Piper, leading people along with its charm & charisma. His appearance suggests a serious approach is needed. Assume command. Be the leader —  disciplined & responsible, whether it’s work, or family related.

The Emperor represents fatherhood. If your question is about parenting, you’ll need the Emperor’s protective, stable characteristics.  Take care of your family by providing a stable structure, protecting your home, family & belongings.

This card can also symbolize the need for control & power, at work or with family.  Maybe someone at work isn’t carrying out a job accurately. You’ll need to take over and correct it.

Of course, it could be something personal that needs controlling. Something you do that needs to stop, like chain-smoking or binge-eating, for example.

*Saturn leaves Sagittarius on the 19th and moves into Capricorn. This placement for Saturn favors career and ambition. The three years ahead look good for those ready to go for that position you’ve been coveting. If you’re willing to work hard, you’ll soon rise to the top. It’s also a strong time for building something solid. Tear down the old & build-up the new. This could be an actual building, or refer to something like government structures & boundaries. Ask yourself how high you want to go, or what you want to build? Then work hard to make it happen.

By Thursday we have the VIII of Swords (8 = movement, action, attainment, mastery).  We see the signs for Jupiter in Gemini on this card — the mind has been too active (Jupiter) and has woven the complicated web (Gemini), which now imprisons it.

With this card, you’re a prisoner of your own assumptions.  Unable to see past your own bias. But, if you question yourself and try seeing things from a different light — then the bubble could pop & the swords would vanish.  

In some cases, depending on your question, the bubble could represent the need for restraint or restriction. Are you drinking too much? Eating too much? This could be advising you that it’s time to take control of a dietary or drinking problem. Look inside yourself — and be honest. What needs to be done? What do you need to change? You got this way on your own, so it’s up to you to realize it’s time to fix it. Never be afraid to ask for help. It’s there if you ask.

*On the 21st, the Sun also saunters into Capricorn, putting the emphasis on tradition. As the holiday season looms, honor the traditions of your family. Or create new ones if you’re called to do so. Don’t want to partake in the ugly Christmas sweater contest with grandma? Take a pass!

Mercury turns direct on the 22nd. Travel snags or delays should be straightened out by now, so if you’ve put off your holiday travel plans until this day, you’ll be glad you did. Happy Holiday Travels, Everyone!

*excerpts from Theresa Reed


Using the Crystal Cave to Survive Mercury Retrograde

I want to share an article I received in the Dark Pixie's newsletter that's similar to how I ground & cleanse myself. (If you're not familiar with the Dark Pixie, be sure to check her out. She's got loads of info on astrology!) I've found this to be very useful. I hope you will, too.

Mercury Retrograde is upon us, now in the fiery, expansive sign of Sagittarius. Modern day life - with its electronic gadgets and instant communications - makes us more susceptible to the messenger planet’s movements. Fortunately, crystal meditations help us connect with our Inner GPS, while sharpening the Archer’s Bow as we prepare to set sail.
Please find a quiet place to meditate, and let’s get started!

1) Space Clearing: Close your eyes and feel white light coming down from above. It washes around you, taking any excess energy or emotions into the ground for purification. This white light will keep flowing during the meditation.
2) Ground Yourself: See and feel tree roots growing out of the bottoms of your feet into the ground. Your roots cut through miles of dirt and rocks on their way to the Earth’s center.
3) The Crystal Cave: See your roots entering a beautiful cave at the Heart of the Earth. It is full of crystals. Ask your intuition to give you one of three colors for this healing: black, red or navy blue. Your roots wrap around one of these crystals, drawing on its crystalline energy.
4) Cleansing Fire: Visualize and feel that crystal’s energy as it flows up your roots, through the Earth, to your feet. That crystalline energy continues up through your body to your Heart.
5) Release It: Let that crystal energy wash over you, filling your entire body. Send it back to Earth through your roots when you are done. Protect your energy by placing a sphere of midnight blue light around your physical body.

By bringing the crystal’s light into our Heart Chakra, we take it with us. The color that comes to mind in the meditation is significant too. Black Tourmaline deflects negativity, including interference from electronics and wireless gadgets, for smoother communications. Red Jasper calms our emotional and mental bodies, softening passionately held beliefs so that we can listen to others. Navy blue Sodalite reduces mental confusion and helps us reconcile differing points of view so that we can expand our own horizons, taking in the Archer’s view.

We can also use this technique to heal and integrate the polarity of our Sun, Moon and Rising Signs, as discussed in this Dark Pixie post on Healing The Shadow With Crystal Therapy.

About the Author:

Regina Chouza is a qualified Energy Healer, Angel Intuitive and author of A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love. At the moment, she is developing a new technique that combines natal astrology, energy healing and a bit of crystal magick. Visit her blog to download an introduction to grounding, clearing and shielding your personal energy HERE.


Weekly Tarot Forecast ~ Dec 10 thru 16

Knight of Coins (rev)
Palace of Wands
VII of Cups

the Tarot of Dreams deck/© U.S. Games

Sunday & Monday is the Knight of Coins. He’s the number 12 in the Court cards. 12 = 1 + 2 = 3: growth, creativity, groups, initial success of goals.
Unlike most Tarot decks, the Tarot of Dreams Knight of Coins is charging into the fray, ready to take on anyone or thing. Only this week the knight is reversed, indicating an internal struggle of some kind. Considering the season, this could be feelings of guilt from spending too much on presents. Or just the opposite, trying to make yourself stop being such a tight-wad. Loosen up the purse strings & spread some Yuletide joy.
Tuesday is the Palace of Wands. This card represents the environment in which you find yourself, or have the opportunity to create for yourself. As Wands, this setting encourages creative inspiration and the beginning of plans and projects. Butterflies symbolize the transformation of dreams into reality, and red roses suggest passion. The structures are lit from within with the fires of the heart. Statues portraying the Knight of Wands represent forward drive & focus.
Towards Thursday is the VII of Cups (7 = knowledge, discovery, reflection). This card symbolizes choices, decisions, and daydreaming. Each cup holds something different. They represent paths, and having to choose which one to take. Choose wisely, because the choice you make could have significant consequences.
With Mercury in retrograde, you don’t want to make any rash decisions or choices. If you get any electronic items or gift cards, make sure to copy code numbers and receipts. Keep the copies in a separate location. That way, if something happens to the original you’ll have some back-up. Better to be safe than sorry! Remember, this is about bringing good cheer, and showing how much you care for & appreciate someone. It’ll all be worth it in the end.
On the flip side, you may be daydreaming a lot. A certain amount of daydreaming is fine — even healthy — as long as you’re not using it as a way to avoid responsibility.

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