What is Tarot & how does it work?

Tarot cards have been around for a long time. There are 78 cards in a deck. Readers use Tarot to access their intuition and guide others into making informed decisions by accessing their own self-exploration and self-empowerment. The cards have different meanings for different readers. It depends you and the energy surrounding you. Using intuition, I try to sense what the cards mean for each individual client. 

How accurate is tarot?

No reader is 100% accurate all the time. There's always room for error. An interpretation isn't set in stone. If you don't like what I interpret, you can change it. It's your life, and you have the final say in what happens. It's called 'free will', and we all have it. On the flip side, if you don't really want to know the answer to a question, don't ask. I interpret what I see, regardless.

I'm not always able to give a definitive answer to a question. Sometimes, it's just not clear. If this happens, I give what I can. If asked, after a few weeks I can revisit the question. 

How do I purchase a reading?

Select 'Choose a Tarot Reading' from the menu and purchase a reading there. Payments are handled with PayPal. If you have any difficulties, please shoot me an email and I'll get right on it.

Can I purchase a reading as a gift?

Yes, absolutely! There are digital gift cards for each reading available for purchase. You can buy however many cards you want. After your purchase, email me with the recipient's name spelled exactly the way you want it to appear on the card. Then I can either email the digital gift card directly to your recipient, or I can email it to you, so you can print it out or email it yourself.

If you have any questions or problems, send me an email and I’ll take care of it right away.

Follow-up Questions?

I'm happy to discuss your cards if you are unsure of their meaning. Please contact me at teri@teriannestarot.com.

Additional Questions?

For additional questions not stated in your original request you will need to get another reading.


PayPal and Credit/Debit cards are accepted.

Response Time?

Response time on readings vary. Each has a unique time frame specified in the description.


Your privacy is very important to me. Personal information is confidential. Payment details are not stored.


Upon request, refunds will be issued if I am unable to provide your reading in the designated time frame of that particular reading.

More questions?

Please email me. I'd love to hear from you!

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