Weekly Tarot Forecast ~ Oct 02 thru 08

Ten of Wands, Four of Pentacles, Justice

Focus for the Week ~ Oct 02 thru 08

We start the week with the reversed Ten of Wands. The heavy weight that's been on your shoulders will lift.  A release of burden, whether financial, physical, or mental. Maybe you're in an intense relationship, and the pressure will ease up. If you've been loaded down with work, some of it could be delegated to someone else. Regardless of how it's done, your responsibilities or expectations should lessen. 

Towards the middle of the week, the Four of Pentacles generally means a reluctance to give up anything, or to share. Reversed, it could involve a spending spree,  or a release of control, maybe both! You lose control and go on a spending spree..You may even invite someone to enjoy it with you. What good is having money if you never spend any of it? So long as you maintain  balance and don't go nuts, it shouldn't be an issue. 

We end the week with Justice. This card brings out the need for fairness, balance, and harmony. Looking at the previous cards for the week, you could be getting released from a legal issue. If you're directly involved with a court case, or anything where judgement is concerned, it will more than likely be settled in your favor.

Generally, we put pressure on either work or relationships, one or the other. Try to maintain your balance, because too much stress either way can throw them out of whack. 


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