Weekly Tarot Forecast ~ Oct 15 thru 21

Focus for the Week

Oct 15 ~ 21
The World (reversed), Two of Swords (reversed), Four of Pentacles

Sunday & Monday, we have the World (reversed). Venus is in its ruling sign, Libra. Romance is all around, which is especially nice for the singles out there. Venus in Libra is sometimes known as the people-pleaser, so watch out for the need to give and give, and give some more, just to make someone else happy. Among all of this, you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. There’s something you haven’t finished or let go of, and you have to take care of whatever this is before you can move on. So, what are you waiting for? Get her done!

Going into Tuesday is the reversed Two of Swords. Mercury enters Scorpio, which is a time for getting to the heart of the matter. You’re no longer sitting on the fence, trying to decide which way is up. You see exactly what’s going on and know what you need to do, so get off your ass and make things happen.

By the time Thursday or Friday come around, we have the New Moon in Libra. Great for new relationships or partnerships. It’s also ideal for creating beauty, for yourself or your surroundings. You may need to be careful with your money, though. Don’t blow it. Take control of the situation and protect your emotions and material possessions. Concentrate on developing a secure and stable environment.



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