What is I-Ching?

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What kind of questions work best with the I-Ching?

First and foremost — it is traditional in China to say “please” as part of your question when you consult the I-Ching.
This is an ancient custom dating back to the origins of the I-Ching over 4000 years ago. Today, many people tend to ignore this tradition but it’s still considered the “correct” way to begin an I-Ching reading. The word “please” can be placed at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the question.

General questions vs specific questions ~

Many people find their I-Ching readings are most successful when they ask general questions like: “Please tell me about the forces affecting my relationship”, or “What are the issues surrounding my job, please”.

Experts often approach the I-Ching with an even more general strategy – asking simple questions like: “Tell me about my current situation in life, please”. This approach to I-Ching readings reflects the tendency of the oracle to offer insight into a wide variety of related, and sometimes unexpected topics. Many related topics may not be anticipated by the asker.

While many people tend to ask very specific questions like, “Will Catherine get married to Stephen?”, “Will I find true love this weekend?”, “Is my relationship really over?” – one must remember that the I-Ching often speaks about the background of a situation, related issues, or psychological states that affect the outcome of that question.

While the I-Ching may respond with stunningly direct answers when the future is clear, more often than not, the I-Ching will provide a philosophical framework for you to better understand the situation and predict its outcome. No one can tell you exactly how to phrase your question. The best approach is to try several kinds of questions and see which I-Ching readings yield the best results for you.

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